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Helalyn Flowers - Stitches of Eden (Deluxe Edition) 2009

Helalyn Flowers
Disc: Stitches of Eden (Deluxe Ed.)
Year: 2009
Género: Industrial Electro 
Country: Italy

Nøemi Aurora - Vocals
Ernst - Drums
Maxxx - All instruments




Disc 1
1.Sitting on the Moon    
2.Your Killer Toy    
3.Love Like Aliens    
4.Crystal Bullet    
5.Friendly Strangers    
6.Hybrid Moments    
7.Don't Wake Me Up    
8.Psychic Vamp    
9.Never Enough    
10.As Angels Spying Mars    

Disc 2 - "The Comets Garden"
1.Love Like Aliens (Flu-On Version by Andy)
2.Hybrid Moments (Hybrid Mix by Neurobash)
3.Hybrid Moments (Xelius Project Remix)
4.Sitting on the Moon (Acretongue Remix)
5.Your Killer Toy (Slave Republic Remix)
6.Your Killer Toy (Halo In Reverse Remix)
7.Hybrid Moments (Interface Remix)
8.Love Like Aliens (Hentai Tentacle Sex Mix by Mechanical Cabaret)
9.Your Killer Toy (Adam Kult Remix)
10.Your Kiler Toy (Suicidal Romance Remix)


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