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Theatres des Vapires - Nightbreed of Macabria 2004

Theatres des Vampires
Álbum: Nightbreed of Macabria
Año: 2004
Género: Melodic Black Metal (early), Gothic Metal (later)
País: Italia

Sonya Scarlet - Vocals
Stephan Benfante - Guitar
Necros (Fabian Varesi) - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Blutsauger (Zimon Liyoi) - Bass, Backing Vocals
Blasfemator (Gabriel Valerio) - Drums, Backing Vocals
Guest Musicians
Claudia Cucinelli - Choir
Francesco Grasso - Choir
Stefano Dimitri - Violins
Angela Moranti - Viola
Marta Di Russo - Cello
Erick Frontier - Horns
Mauro Denti - Wind Instruments
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1.Welcome To Macabria   
2.A Macabre Banquet   
3.Lady In Black   
4.Angel Of Lust   
6.Incubo # 1   
8.The Jester's Shadow   
9.The Golden Sin   
10.Carnival Day   
11.Incubo # 2   
12.The Curse Of Headless Christ   
13.Mourning Day   
14.The Undertaker & The Crow   
15.The Beginning Of The End   
16.La Danse Macabria Du Vampire

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