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Venin Noir - In Pieces on the Lunar Soil 2003

Venin Noir
Álbum: In Pieces on the Lunar Soil
Año: 2003
Género: Gothic Metal
País: Brasil

Larissa Frade - Vocals
Bruno Coelho - Bass
Augusto Correia - Guitars
Pedro Santos - Guitars and Male Vocals
Carolina De Sousa Pontes - Keyboards
André Dias - Drums

sin info/unknow

1.Better Days Never Come (Lament - Vessels of Hope)   
2.The Wine   
3.Redemption Through Pain   
4.A Letter to a Narrow Allegiance   
5.Soothe the Wrath of God   
6.Waiting on Your Fall   
7.No Meaning   
8.The Lunar Soil Pt I - A View to Yesterday   
9.The Lunar Soil Pt II - Perfect and Cold

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