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Autumn Tears - Convalescence: A Retrospective (Compilation) 2018

Autumn Tears
Disc: Convalescence: A Retrospective (Compilation)
Year: 2018
Genre: Gothic Metal
Country: Usa

Jennifer Judd - Vocals, Arrangements (vocals), Keyboards, 
Brona McVittie - Vocals 
Ted Tringo    Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Terran Olson - Clarinet, Flute 
Molly Leigh Jones - Cello 
Chris Abeel - Cello 
Luke Payne - Cello 
MaryBeth Kern - Flute, Clarinet 
Josh Hyde     - Flute, Clarinet 
John Clark - French horn 
Tom Moth - Harp 
George Ball - Snare drums 
Germàn Domador - Timpani 
Victor Fuenmayor - Trombone
Chad Bell - Trumpet 
Kelly Ralston - Viola 
Brian Schmidt - Violin, Arrangements (strings) 
Julian Spiro - Violin, Arrangements (strings) 

1.They Watch with Closed Eyes    
2.Ode to My Forthcoming Winter - Part 3. Autumn    
3.The Eloquent Sleep    
4.This, My Melancholic Masquerade    
5.A Dreaming Kiss    
6.The Intermission    
7.The Dance    
8.The Never    
9.The Widowtree    
10.Pandora's Womb    
12.The Last King Falls    
13.The Hallowing    
14.The Widowtree (original version 1998)    
15.Commemoration (demo version 2003)    
16.Flight (demo version 2003)

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