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Álbum: Fiaba Lacrimevole_ Like a Red Bleeding Rose in a Glacial Desert
Año: 1998
Género: Dark/Doom Metal
País: Italia

Rossana Landi - female vocals
Cadarb Afelio - vocals, guitars
Bradac - keyboards, drum programming
Vlad di Saturno - violin
Frater Alchemoth Katharian - session bass
Alessandro Verando - session lead guitars

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1.Act I Dancing Around A Bonfire (During A Magical Rite Against The God)       
2.Act II Beginning Of A Crusade Heading To Nekropolyx Or 'Waiting For The Storm'   
3.Act IX Cristal-Tears In The Emerald-Forest Or Thinking About 'The Leviathan'  &nb ... Leer más »
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