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ALBUN: Pulse
AÑO: 2005
GENERO: Folk/Gothic Metal
PAIS: Alemania

Guest Musicians :
Yana Veva - Vocals (Theodor Bastard, Samka, guest for Shiva In Exile)
Gaby Koss - Vocals (Haggard, Koyaanisqatsy, Equilibrium (Deu), Death Army, Howling Syn, Nota Profana)
Christian Bystron - Lead Guitar, Solo Guitar on "Pulse", "Save and Heal", "Nahash" and "Nowhereness" (Betray My Secrets, Megaherz, guest in Shiva in Exile)
René Berthiaume - Solo Guitar on "This Battle Is Yours", "Symphony of Life" and "Save And Heal" (Equilibrium (Deu))
Markus Glanz - Solo Guitars on "This Battle Is Yours", "You Believe" (Koyaanisqatsy)
Maurizio Guolo - Drums (Darkseed, Pergamon (Deu), Obscurity (Deu), Absorbed in Thought)
Kajuyali Tsamani - Flutes, Percussion
Christian Rätsch - Sampling (Shiva in Exile)

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